It is my first time go to EMEA, and my first time to EMEA wasn’t a leisure trip but a business one.

Upon arrival on Sunday everything was fine, until monday afternoon I was not feeling well and having fever and nose congestion. So I got 12-hour sleep strightaway when I arrived at the hotel, and another 8-hour sleeping on tuesday night. So on wednesday, everything seemed to return to normal.

There wasn’t too many schedule meeting up to wednesday, mostly I am formulating and performing tests to find out what’s wrong with the connectivity between HQ and one of the countries in Asia. Had a few phone calls with the WAN provider and arranged internally another round of testing.

Today, I booked two colleagues each with an one-hour session to inquire a few things of the responsibility and project I have in hand. An one sessions with my bosses on further development of two of my responsibilities. May be I will be trying to get hold of some other colleagues and have some sorts of discussions which is easier face-to-face.

Life in here is nice, expect it is a bit cold and it is hard to get to anywhere without a car and a data plan (my colleague will get me a data card today so I can get connected and use google maps and search 😀 outside of the hotel & the office).. I am yet to plan what will I don in this weekend, stay tuned!

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