Birthday Banquet of the 1-year old daughter of Ivan

Tonight I’ve been a Banquet cerebrating the birthday of the 1-year old daughter of my friend. Basically I am a bit shocked when he told me that he had a daughter and is 1-year ago. I can’t realize that was at least more than a year that we didn’t meet. It is nice to hear that he now works in a corp which is promising, and the domain he is in is really profound and matching his talent, personality and analytical mindset.

I also met some of his friends and relative who were ‘brothers’ during his wedding, and some of his relatives. For some of the guys I am really sorry that I don’t have impressions and I can’t recall the face of ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ and what we really did and chat about. But for one thing I won’t forget is eating raspberry on the cream. And this game is designed by his younger brother!

Looked into the conversation history, it’s me failed to make up a time to gather. Trying to trace what makes me so busy I got no clue in my mind until I look at my schedule. I really did lose a few chances to meet this old friends and I am really grateful that I could be with him tonight 🙂