CCDP/ Cisco ARCH (v.3): Further Readings

It may be that due to the nature of this course – focusing on theory and design instead of digging into command and “computer architecture” kind of topic, it may be good for 300-320 ARCH exam but explanation given was not clear for a techie. Below are some of the contents I found useful to enhance my domain knowledge complimenting Cisco CLN E-Learning: Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) v3.0 (Other Learning Resources here )

More links will be added here, so come back from time to time 🙂

Last Update: 2016/07/13 – Including readings for Ch23 Designing Firewall and IPS Solutions

Ch23 Designing Firewall and IPS Solutions


Update Log:

  • 2016/07/13 – Including Ch23 readings

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