Bowen Family Therapy

ISS Family Institute (HK): Bowen Theory – Introduction [English] [Chinese]

  • More organized notes on Bowen Theory – 4 Foundation Concepts (Anxiety, Two Basic Life Forces, Emotional System and The Family as an Emotional Unit) and 8 Emotional Processes

Psychology In Seattle: Bowenian Therapy (10 mins)

  • 10-minute video going through concepts like Anxiety, Togetherness vs Separateness, Feelings vs Intellect, Differentiation and Triangulation, and Critiques

Erica E. Hartwell: Bowen’s Eight Concepts (30 mins)

  • 30-minute video going through concepts like Anxiety, Differentiation, Two basic life force: togetherness and separateness, emotional system and family as an emotional unit) and Triangles, and Process like Nuclear Family Emotional Process, Family Projection Process, Multi-generational Transmission Process, Sibling Position and Emotional Cut-off

Diane Gehart: Bowen YouTube (30 mins) 

  • Therapy Textbook Author going through Bowen Family Therapy which is informative, clear and easy to understand

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