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耶利米哀歌 3:21-24

21 我 想 起 這 事 , 心 裡 就 有 指 望 。
22 我 們 不 致 消 滅 , 是 出 於 耶 和 華 諸 般 的 慈 愛 ; 是 因 他 的 憐 憫 不 致 斷 絕 。
23 每 早 晨 , 這 都 是 新 的 ; 你 的 誠 實 極 其 廣 大 !
24 我 心 裡 說 : 耶 和 華 是 我 的 分 , 因 此 , 我 要 仰 望 他 。

God didn’t deliver his people at the moment and in the way the author prayed. Nevertheless, the author affirmed that the never-ending mercies of Yahweh and are new in the morning. In fact, he has been delivering his people in his time since the old testament and beyond.



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Lent readings from Henri Nouwen Society (2)

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Lent readings from Henri Nouwen Society

Although I decided to move away from the daily devotion materials from Henri Nouwen Society for daily bible reading scheme in youversion bible, I did read some of them from time to time. Last week, I came across “Reflection for Fourth Sunday of Lent” and this attracted my eyeballs. I digged out three more that were sent in previously weeks and read them all. Feeling so warm and familiar with the words 🙂

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