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If striving for excellence in teaching is to intake the best possible students so that the school could have a reputation just because students are scoring good grades, then for those who don’t mind taking a group of abandoned students, nourish them holistically and care about them  so that they could grow into all dimension will be striving for the excellence above the excellence that typical schools are setting for themselves primarily these days.


誕首名中大生 正生校長促政府加強支援 (蘋果日報, 2013/08/13) –


專欄 飛常Playgroup:非一般的校長 (蘋果日報, 2013/07/20) –

無懼風眼「正」是這樣 專訪正生陳兆焯校長(時代論壇, 2011/05/16) – [Link]

正生校長陳兆焯:我冇贏亦冇輸 (蘋果日報, 2010/08/25) –

漂亮的一仗 陳兆焯 (東周網, 2009/07/18) – [Link]

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