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WoWrld is available only on Apple Platform. It is a photo organizer which files photos you have taken as a note in the notebook. Location (GPS) and  time of the photo taken will be recorded automatically.

Through the WoWrld web-site, photos stored in the notes of your evernote account will be re-arranged and displayed as a photo album. You can also invite your friends to edit the notes created by the WoWrld application through the same WoWrld web-site which display your photos.

Organized albums could be published to popular social networks like Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr so you could save some hassles in uploading and organizing photos in different social networks.

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EleEditor is a scrapbook software for iPad which allows you to select, organize and arrange contents clipped from web pages (through the built-in web browser), camera rolls in your iPad and your existing notes stored in Evernote in a page of a notebook in EleEditor .

A single page of a notebook in EleEditor or the complete notebook could either be stored on Evernote or exported to other Cloud services like Dropbox in native EleEditor file or PDF.

This tool make my life easier when researching on a topic which I would like to chip just a few sentence or a diagram from different web sites and arrange those chipped contents from variety of web sites in just one single page.

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