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3 仔: 歐洲/國際漫遊流動數據儲值咭 速度 龜速



如果用垃圾去形容易呢張卡唔係完全講得通, 因為呢張結都勉強可以以龜速上下 Facebook, 睇吓News ,用下Google Map.. 不過真係好慢。仲要 manual 鎖定指定嘅 network 先上到網,真係煩到爆。

行左好幾次speedTest, 冇一次ping time 唔過300ms, 有時仲逼近 400ms. Downlink 係德國 好多時得 200 Kbps, 最低見過 110kbps… 有時有 5-600kbps。奧地利就好少少,有時有 1 Mbps..係德國, throughput 慢加 ping time 高搞到好多網頁都load好耐,甚至load唔到。load 外國網站就仲嚴重,ping time 可能過 600ms…


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Sunset in Cambodia

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This year end is special – probably this is the first year end that I will be not in Hong Kong but Cambodia.

So far, the trip is far exceeding my expectation (bcoz I don’t have much expectation at first), sharing of the person in charge of two organizations I visited, one providing cheap to free education to local students while another one rescuing female child being sold and abused as slave, child labor, early prostitute etc., moved me – their sacrifice, persistence and willingness to bring better life to them.

We also visited the The National Center for preservation of the evidence of UCKRR i.e. CE Killing Field ( where thousands of corpses were found – they were all killed  by Khmer Rouge ( People executed there between 1975 and 1978 were “diplomats, foreigners, intellectuals, officers, soldiers, farmers especially children and women, nine of whom were Europeans”. In early 1979, the killing field started to execute “Khmer Rouge soldier and people accused of betrayal”. Before that, they were imprisoned in S-21 (concentration camp) where they already received lots of tortures.

2014-12-30 10.44.12


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Malaysia Trip 2013

This trip should be the longest I had ever made after degree graduation. In between the trip, I stayed in Port Dickson for a christian graduate conference for East Asia and met a few friends I knew three years ago. Talks and seminars provided a nice seed and introduction which I could dig into a variety of topics as and when I wish.

Also, I had a good time with guys doing sightseeing and dinning out in Penang and KL. Participated in the Saturday cell and Sunday Service of a church in KL and stayed in a house of a brother of Raymond are an interesting way to “experience” a small slice of Malaysian life.

Really deep from my heart to thanks brothers and sisters who took us for a ride and/or had meals with us. Through the time chitchatting, it gives an ample opportunity to understand this country and thoughts that isn’t available in typical tour 🙂


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