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Dreamhost VPS downgraded – I’d prefer shared hosting!

In early Oct, I upgraded the hosting from shared web hosting plan to VPS with 300MB of memory (extra $15/mo) because I couldn’t get photos uploaded and resized in WordPress. My finding is that the php process were killed by dreamhost most probably due to excessive memory use (for that particular instance). To be honest, I don’t always upload photos and do expect the shared host did allow me to burst for a while when photos are resizing.

But anyway, I get upgraded to VPS as they mentioned that resources is protected. So I did a few tests and found out that 300MB should actually be enough for me in most cases (The peak you saw is caused by some vigorous use-case that have really very low chance to  occur in my account :p). I thought, even if those scripts need more than 300MB, the VPS platform should able to limit the I/O and memory use efficiently.

VPS Usage


However, I am totally wrong. When I was trying to rotate a 13-MP photo I took, an error was shown on the page. Then I tried to reload it, I can’t load anything as if the host went offline. At the same time, I received an email from Dreamhost (click to enlarge) that they rebooted my VPS. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that they rebooted my VPS because I am rotating a photo. The reason given is ridiculously interesting – using memory exceeding  the allocation and that will negatively impact other VPS customers on the same host! I couldn’t even imagine that will happen in VPS as I would expect I/O, memory and CPU could be controlled by the hypervisor itself.


I am totally disappointed. I downgraded the VPS back to shared hosting now. Rebooting VPS caused more downtime than killing process. I paid $15/mo extra but I get more downtime?! No way!

Looking into another hosting company Bluehost, it looks promising – easy exit. But that each hosting account can contain up to 200,000 files. So I think I need to take some time to estimate how many number of files I have now and project when will I run into project again if I choose this web host.

Another web host I have interest to try is Godaddy as they have Data Center in Asia, and that they allow bursts which sounds better. For both of which, I think I will further study comments on web, talk to their support and get an account and do a few testing and make a decision which I should choose to host this wordpress and later another web app. Migration isn’t fun and is painful so I don’t want to do it within two or three years again if I really decided to exit dreamhost which I started using since 2006.

Stay tuned!


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