Sunset in Cambodia

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This year end is special – probably this is the first year end that I will be not in Hong Kong but Cambodia.

So far, the trip is far exceeding my expectation (bcoz I don’t have much expectation at first), sharing of the person in charge of two organizations I visited, one providing cheap to free education to local students while another one rescuing female child being sold and abused as slave, child labor, early prostitute etc., moved me – their sacrifice, persistence and willingness to bring better life to them.

We also visited the The National Center for preservation of the evidence of UCKRR i.e. CE Killing Field ( where thousands of corpses were found – they were all killed  by Khmer Rouge ( People executed there between 1975 and 1978 were “diplomats, foreigners, intellectuals, officers, soldiers, farmers especially children and women, nine of whom were Europeans”. In early 1979, the killing field started to execute “Khmer Rouge soldier and people accused of betrayal”. Before that, they were imprisoned in S-21 (concentration camp) where they already received lots of tortures.

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