Stanley Hauerwas @ Fuller’s Symposium on the Integration of Faith and Psychology 2011

By curiosity, when I was preparing the group presentation, I would like to know how Hauerwas see psychology and Christianity. Google, as my best friends, gave me this. Hauerwas delivered talks in  Symposium on the Integration of Faith and Psychology 2011 at Fuller Theological Seminary. It’s about his experience with her wife who developed mental illness (also in  Hannah’s Child) and the theological reflection and the integration with psychology. 3-hour talk. Looking forward to see it all


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Malaysia Trip 2013

This trip should be the longest I had ever made after degree graduation. In between the trip, I stayed in Port Dickson for a christian graduate conference for East Asia and met a few friends I knew three years ago. Talks and seminars provided a nice seed and introduction which I could dig into a variety of topics as and when I wish.

Also, I had a good time with guys doing sightseeing and dinning out in Penang and KL. Participated in the Saturday cell and Sunday Service of a church in KL and stayed in a house of a brother of Raymond are an interesting way to “experience” a small slice of Malaysian life.

Really deep from my heart to thanks brothers and sisters who took us for a ride and/or had meals with us. Through the time chitchatting, it gives an ample opportunity to understand this country and thoughts that isn’t available in typical tour 🙂


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