Malaysia Trip 2013

This trip should be the longest I had ever made after degree graduation. In between the trip, I stayed in Port Dickson for a christian graduate conference for East Asia and met a few friends I knew three years ago. Talks and seminars provided a nice seed and introduction which I could dig into a variety of topics as and when I wish.

Also, I had a good time with guys doing sightseeing and dinning out in Penang and KL. Participated in the Saturday cell and Sunday Service of a church in KL and stayed in a house of a brother of Raymond are an interesting way to “experience” a small slice of Malaysian life.

Really deep from my heart to thanks brothers and sisters who took us for a ride and/or had meals with us. Through the time chitchatting, it gives an ample opportunity to understand this country and thoughts that isn’t available in typical tour 🙂


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