Cisco WLC Upgrade Outline

Study the Release Note completely is the most important thing – especially the Open Caveats and downgrade limitation

  1. Check upgrade requirement
    1. Any need to upgrade FUS?
    2. Any need to upgrade to an interim SW version before further upgrading to the target SW version
    3. Open Caveats that hits the setup of our environment and the impact
    4. All APs are supported in the latest firmware? Any bug for any AP model?
    5. Fallback – Issue to hit if we downgrade from this version to the earlier version
  2. Prepare Image(s) – FUS & OS SW
  3. Pre-check & Implementation
    1. AP inventory – “show ap inventory all” <- check number of APs and who are they
    2. Check number of wireless interfaces being down
    3. Download WLC SWs to the WLC
    4. Check boot sequence – “show boot”  (the new image should be the primary image)
    5. Pre-download – “config ap image predownload”
    6. Check the pre-download status – “show ap inventory all” / GUI: Wireless > Access Point > All AP
    7. Reboot the controller – GUI: Commands > Reboot
  4. Post-check
    1. Check number of APs and who are they
    2. Check number of wireless interfaces being down
    3. Sample check a few APs Flexconnect group & VLAN mapping if any


Reference, WLC: Predownload The Image To The Access Points From The Controller CLI –

(Used to upgrade from to

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Today, I was still handling the investigation of the issue of a support request but it doesn’t take as much time as monday and tuesday because there wasn’t anything further we could do until the testing machine shipped to the testing location and have the necessary applications installed on them which hopefully won’t happen before going back home.

Also I got a good discussion of two colleagues which is working and had worked on the project in EMEA which I am working in Asia and shared the concerns and difficulties and it is nice to talk face-to-face and get some feedback and useful information.

For the lunch, I excused going out with my line manager and my line manager’s manager  but instead turning to a colleague which I worked quite often and often found his voice and way of speaking is quite interesting – what I guess he should be quite nice! He bring me to the small stall very near to the office building and we had Thailand fried rice there. It was not his intention to order rice but gave the wrong number, but I love the dish very much indeed.

2013-09-12 13.38.08

2013-09-12 13.38.14


In our casual talk, I knew that we are of similar age and that he was in Faculty of Physical Education but he liked computer more so he got into this field. We also shared our aspirations and how the living people is like in our own countries and something about working aboard which is quite nice. Going back to the office, he shown me on the google map on how far away here and his own country is.

Night time is also nice, I’d been in a steakhouse with a few gentlemen and hear them share interesting story like “Suk Man Yung”. Sadly one of the gentleman got a new from a call that one of his close relative is somehow in emergency situation. That gentleman will take the flight back home in the afternoon tomorrow. Atmosphere changed and he apologized for that… To be honest, it is nothing wrong to apologize. Somehow I felt I need to apologize because I simply can’t think of a word to say and I can’t simply control my facial expression – it is sad, but I can’t show I am sad..  you know?  Wholeheartedly, I hope he and his family will be fine.

For the free time in the weekend, I still hasn’t plan for it..  may be I should start planning it now and may be tomorrow morning as well..

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It is my first time go to EMEA, and my first time to EMEA wasn’t a leisure trip but a business one.

Upon arrival on Sunday everything was fine, until monday afternoon I was not feeling well and having fever and nose congestion. So I got 12-hour sleep strightaway when I arrived at the hotel, and another 8-hour sleeping on tuesday night. So on wednesday, everything seemed to return to normal.

There wasn’t too many schedule meeting up to wednesday, mostly I am formulating and performing tests to find out what’s wrong with the connectivity between HQ and one of the countries in Asia. Had a few phone calls with the WAN provider and arranged internally another round of testing.

Today, I booked two colleagues each with an one-hour session to inquire a few things of the responsibility and project I have in hand. An one sessions with my bosses on further development of two of my responsibilities. May be I will be trying to get hold of some other colleagues and have some sorts of discussions which is easier face-to-face.

Life in here is nice, expect it is a bit cold and it is hard to get to anywhere without a car and a data plan (my colleague will get me a data card today so I can get connected and use google maps and search 😀 outside of the hotel & the office).. I am yet to plan what will I don in this weekend, stay tuned!

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